1876 Square Steinway, New York

Serial Number: 41750
Finish: Brazilian Rosewood
Description: This is a historically significant Steinway & sons square grand piano from 1875. It is made of elaborately carved rosewood. Each leg is individually carved showing four stages of a blossom opening from bud to full bloom; it is an amazing and almost unnoticed detail that makes the cabinet on this piano simply stunning! Much of Steinway's reputation and fame was gained from the advances they made in square piano building during the 19th century, and their designs and patents were used for decades. Note the lavish grain in the rosewood finish; it is just stunning in person.
Repairs: Refinished; keys replaced; "jack-n-notch action" restrung; hammers reshaped and leather replaced; regulated; all felts replaced
Cost: $21,000
Misc: Used in publishing video on "American Square Piano"; shown with Steinway Show at Putnam Museum, Davenport, IA